Monday, July 28, 2008

Jackson's Room

Here is an adorable room I did for baby Jackson. This one was a lot of fun because "Mom and Dad" already had bedding picked out for the nursery and wanted something cute to match on the walls. This was a smaller project in comparison to my previous work and I was able to complete this in just a few days. I think this is my favorite one so far!

MJM Studios Inc.

This is a mural I did for MJM Studios Inc. in Florence. Their dance room needed a little bit of color - something fun for the little ones to look at but still appealing to the teenagers too! There is a second mural in the smaller dance room along the same lines and it reads "Dance to Live." I'll try to get photos of that one as well to post here. This mural was unique because I was not only designing the walls but I was designing their website as well. So I wanted to try and tie the two projects together with a similar look. It was very fun to do! You can check out the website at

Brooklyn's Room

This is a mural that I did for my own daughter's room. I definitely wanted to give her a girly "princess" room without being over the top. It is something that I had planned for months while waiting for the house to be built and I was so excited to see it turn out just the way I had planned! Take a look for yourself at "Princess Brooklyn's Room"
Recently, we have moved and Brooklyn now has a "big girl room" so I am planning something new for her. I'll be sure to post things once we get the ball rolling!